Healthy Human Culture is…

… a vision for a world in which societies, communities, workplaces, families and individuals can thrive.

It offers simple yet powerful insights and practices which will deepen your understanding of how people work. It can be applied across scale from personal to global systems.

Drawing on insights from modern psychology, neuroscience and long standing wisdom traditions, it proposes ways to grow and restore health, challenging the belief that the inevitable state of humans is underpinned by violence, domination and greed.

It suggests explanations for the persistence of oppression, and why people so often create harm even when they don’t mean to.

And in disturbing times of climate breakdown and worsening inequality it offers maps and tools for effective and compassionate action to create more healthy dynamics between us.

Healthy human culture is an evolving body of work. It has improved relationships, helped groups and shifted worldviews. Find out how to be part of the journey of learning and evolving this work below.

“Sophy’s approach to Healthy Human Culture has changed how I see the world” Anthea Lawson, Author of The Entangled Activist

Who is it for?

Healthy Human Culture is for everyone who wants to deepen their understanding of what organises human behaviour, in order to bring positive change to their personal, professional and community life.

People who have benefitted from the work include organisational experts, business people, coaches, facilitators, systems thinkers, family members, therapists, conflict mediators, change-makers, volunteers, healers and more.

How does it work?

Healthy Human Culture links together insights from the fields of somatics and neuroscience, power and oppression, trauma and unconscious, nature connection, cross-cultural definitions of health, complexity and systems thinking and more. It offers maps for the mind, embodied practices, and understandings of the role of feelings in creating peace, connection and beauty.

Simple maps help see through the complexity of systems of harm and health

“Sophy’s style of teaching makes complex insights into how humans work accessible and playful, inviting the wisdom of the mind, body and lived experience of participants. Within this I have been able to taste what healthy culture might feel like and bring that to my life and work.” Sarah McAdam, Transition Network

Want to know more?

Full details of the 2023 learning journeys are here.

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