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What is it?

Healthy Human Culture (HHC) is a set of understandings and practices that help create relationships, communities and societies where all can thrive. It explains why people so often create harm even when they don’t mean to, and how we can address this with effective and compassionate action.

As our world faces a destabilising climate, rapidly diminishing resources, vast and growing inequality of wealth and power, it becomes increasingly crucial to understand collective dynamics so we can choose to create more health and less harm.

“Sophy’s approach to Healthy Human Culture has changed how I see the world”

Anthea Lawson, Author of The Entangled Activist

Who is it for?

This is for everyone who wants a deeper understanding of what organises human behaviour, and to bring positive change to their personal, professional and community life. Sophy’s work provides vital insights for facilitators, leaders, therapists, activists, community organisers, educators, change makers, managers, organisations, people in relationships, parents..

How does it work?

Healthy Human Culture links together insights from the fields of somatics and neuroscience, power and oppression, trauma and unconscious, nature connection, cross-cultural definitions of health, complexity and systems thinking and more. It offers maps for the mind, embodied practices, and understandings of the role of feelings in creating peace, connection and beauty.

Simple maps help see through the complexity of systems of harm and health

“Sophy’s style of teaching makes complex insights into how humans work accessible and playful, inviting the wisdom of the mind, body and lived experience of participants. Within this I have been able to taste what healthy culture might feel like and bring that to my life and work.”

Sarah Mcadam, Transition Network

Here are some key questions that open the doorway to seeing culture in a new way:

  • What is health? Many cultures have defined health as the balance and relationship between pairs of archetypes. How do these archetypes show up in individuals, organisations and societies now, and what do they reveal about health and harm?
  • Why is a society’s relationship to pain central to its health, or un-health?
  • What are return paths and why are they vital to creating and sustaining healthy ways of living?
  • What insights about trauma enable a recognition that unconscious processes are active in a system, operating invisibly from a place of fear, denial, and even disassociation? When this is present what is needed to return to health?
  • What processes support the strengthening of health, resilience and connection in individuals, relationships, groups and the wider society?

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About Sophy Banks

Sophy’s eclectic life has been guided by an overarching question: why do humans create so much unintended suffering, and how can we stop? She has looked for answers in the worlds of engineering, grassroots football, psychotherapy, social movements for change and more.

She worked for 10 years for the Transition movement, training people around the world in community based responses to global crises of world-view, environment and social justice. Healthy Human Culture is the culmination of this life journey.