Who is this for?

Community groups, campaigners and organisers of all kinds who are trying to change the world with limited resources and want to reduce burnout and conflict in their group

Policymakers, researchers and social + economic justice campaigners who are working to put an ethic of care at the centre of politics

Managers and organisational development experts who want to understand what’s going on under the surface of workplace culture 

Parents, partners and friends who want to find happier ways of relating with the people they care about

People working in healthcare, education and social care who want to create health for everyone they work with and for

Group facilitators, and therapists, coaches and mentors looking to see new layers of the dynamics they work with

Futurists, complexity and systems thinkers, designers and practitioners who want to deepen their understanding of regenerative systems and how they are underpinned by our neurobiology

Framing and communications specialists who want to understand how deep the deep frames really go

Social and psychosocial theorists seeking to make connections between thinking about individuals and society