Healthy Human Culture maps and models explained

These recordings were made at the 2021 NowWhat conference, so they may start a bit abruptly and break off where participants contributed.

LinkTopics covered
Main mapWhat patterns and structures support healthy humans to create positive culture?
What takes us away from health?
An introduction to trauma as a landscape, a cultural not individual phenomenon
The characteristics of culture organised in unhealthy ways
An introduction to core archetypes
Lasting shocks: trauma and its residueA deeper look at injuries that are not healed and their consequences
Trauma as a rupture of relationships and the end of trust
Structures that emerge when injuries and pain are not tended
Return pathsThe key to health – repairing and healing injuries and returning to trust and connection
What is needed to create repair?
Finding return paths in the world for individual, groups, society
Growing a thriving worldFocus on health – how to strengthen cultures of