Learning journeys 2023

How do we create healthy relational culture? At work, at home, in our communities and in our change-making, Healthy Human Culture offers insights and practices to deepen understanding of how we can make (or break) positive dynamics between us.

Join a new 7-week online learning journey with Sophy Banks and the Healthy Human Culture team to explore principles and practices for growing and restoring health in any group of people.

“It is a really clear map for understanding ourselves and our triggers, and supports us to find ways to bring ourselves back to equilibrium.” VP, participant 2022

Practical information

All learning journeys are seven online sessions of 2.5 hours, weekly or fortnightly. Alternate weeks focus on: learning, using presentations, embodied practices and inquiries; and bringing your own real life situations to explore with the facilitators and other group members. This grounds the concepts in your actual current experience.

All sessions are facilitated by Sophy plus one facilitator who will accompany the full journey, with additional support each week. See more of the wide range of skills and experience the facilitation team are bringing here. Recordings and notes from every session will be available during and after the programme

Cost: £125 – 250 or €145 – 290 for the full journey, includes downloadable recordings of all sessions. Please be in touch if you need a bursary place – we want the work to be accessible to all those who want to benefit from it.

Register here for any of the journeys below. We will send you payment details. Completing the form and paying a deposit of 50% confirms your place.

Dates, times and teams:

All journeys in English and times are UK times except where shown.

Journey Times and datesFacilitation team
HHC for French speakers
Weekly Tuesday evenings
Taught in English with support for translation as needed
See all information here
Tuesday 18:00-20:30 CEST
(17:00 – 19:30 UK time or find your time here)
Start: 25th April
End: June 6th
Sophy Banks
Sarah McAdam
Leila Hoballah / Sarah Durieux
HHC summer journey
Weekly, Wednesday afternoons
Wednesday 14:00 – 16:30 (find your time here)
Start: May 3rd
End: June 14th
Sophy Banks
Sarah Pletts
+ support
HHC autumn journey
Fortnightly, Monday afternoons
Monday 14:30 – 17:00
(find your time here)
Start: Sept 25th
End: Dec 18th
Sophy Banks
Kenny McCarthy
+ support
HHC winter journey
Weekly, Wednesday evenings
Wednesday 18:00 – 20:30 (find your time here)
Start: Oct 25th
End: Dec 5th
Sophy Banks
Dita Vizoso
+ support

Learning journey Content

Here’s a bit about what the learning journey will cover. If you have specific areas of interest please let us know on your registration form.

What is
Health as the balance and flow between archetypes, a model found in many widely different traditions
Relating these to our neuro-biology
Practices which strengthen health
systems of harm?
Exploring unconscious survival patterns that take us away from health .
The long term and cultural impact of undigested shock, overwhelm and grief, and how this shows up at different scales.
How to discern healthy from harmful when the differences are subtle
Returning to healthWhat is needed to create the conditions of repair or healing?
How to create health within wider systems of harm
Practices for restoring health
System dynamicsSimple, powerful ways to see and think about human systems that put relationships, flow and process at the centre